Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to : Windows Azure Cloud online resources – Updated 29/09/2010

Following is the list of articles / tutorials / FAQ on developing Asp.net application for Azure cloud using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 / Visual Studio 2010 / Asp.net / Web role / Worker role / AppFabric / SQLAzure / Sql Server.

To start with, lets try following windows Azure cloud FAQ.


Following article explains on how to develop your first basic Azure cloud application.





3. Video tutorial on getting started with Cloud application using windows Azure.


Articles on How much will Cloud computing Cost ?

1. Article explains the cloud consumption rate structure.


2. Be careful : Overspending on Cloud elasticity ?


3. Article on metering the cloud.


4. Activity based costing (abc) for cloud computing


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

solution to fix CrystalReportViewer toolbar export / print button not working problem in asp.net 2.0


I created my asp.net 2.0 web application on my xp professional sp2 workstation using visual studio 2.0 and crystal report 10. Till this point everything is working fine. I can see my crystal report properly, its print function, export function is working properly.

Once i deployed it in production, windows server 2003 machine. the crystal report viewer stopped showing the toolbar images, it just turned up as red cross with white background. when i click it nothing happened.

Solution : After doing some research with the help of uncle google, and trying various things as suggested by other online experts. following solution worked for me.

Copy CrystalReportWebFormViewer3 folder from development machine’s C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client\system_web\2_0_50727 (2_0_50727 becoz i m using .net 2.0 version.) and paste it to the production machine same location.

That is it. It worked for me. I hope it helps others too.

Happy programming.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to upload/Deploy Sql server 2000 database on a remote web server using Helm control panel and Enterprise Manager

I have an Asp.net 2.0 web application using sql server 2000 as back end. I want to deploy the web application on Web hosting company’s rented web server.

The deployment of the asp.net 2.0 is done easily using the FTP (example filezilla). But to deploy the Database is quite tricky.

(Steps using HELM control panel)

Step 1: we need to create a database on the server, by logging in to the server using the HELM control panel, (details of accessing the Helm control panel will be pro

vided by the Service provider). Login –> Domains –> select ur domain –> Click Database manager –> select Sql server 2000 icon –> click New database and give the desired database name (E.g. MyDB). It will create an empty database on the server.(Also, note down the IP address, Port Number used. if you cant see the ip address and port number(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,&&&&), ask your service provider to get you the detail of port number)

Step 2: Create the Database user, give the username n password that you will use to access the database from your web application / Enterprise manager (E.g. MyDBUser).

(Steps using your local development/testing machine to upload the sql server 2000 database.)

Step 3:

Open Enterprise Manager –> Select Register New Sql Server from left pane –> Registered Sql Sever Properties will popup as shown in the figure below. Key in the IP Address, Port No. (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,&&&&), without parenthesis. Give the username n pwd we just created in step 2


Step 4:

Once the Sql server is registered, you can use it like a local db and use DDL, DML statements very easily.

I hope the post helps people to understand deployment better.

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Happy Programming.

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